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Our Unique Approach to Healing

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Dr. Robert Kohn is setting a new standard of care in his approach to healing. He knows that the proper diagnosis leads to the proper treatment. He uses a unique Complementary and Holistic approach (Neurology, Psychiatry, Osteopathic philosophy, Personality, and Social Fit) to healing. Dr. Kohn views the patient as a whole, not just a list of symptoms.

Using a variety of evaluation forms and Assessment Tools, information is gathered using his Biological-Psychological-Social (Bio-Psycho-Social) Framework which is vital to a successful outcome. With this information, Dr. Kohn chooses the appropriate Treatment and devises an individual Treatment Plan designed to help the patient feel better and be better able to function in the world.

The Biological Component

The Biological component refers to:
  • Physical symptoms
  • Family genetics
  • Diagnosis with medical tests may include an MRI, SPECT, EEG, or QEEG just to name a few
  • Medication treatment (prescriptions) to treat the condition or symptoms of impairment
In some cases, medication is used to correct the imbalance or reduce symptoms of distress. This traditional approach relies on the wisdom and experience of the doctor. Guidelines for taking each medication are based on the current standard of care.

The Psychological Component

The Psychological component refers to:
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  • Emotional, Behavioral, Cognitive symptoms
  • Personality factors and temperament
  • Neuro-psychological testing
  • Therapy
As personality types are developing in childhood, children may express their symptoms directly through their behaviors, or may internally direct their distress and complain of body aches and pains.

The "fit" between a child's personality type and the family unit or basic social structure they live in may amplify symptoms or provide a source of solution.

Adults have more fixed personality traits that may be objectively evaluated with computerized testing. Understanding the "uniqueness" of each person and their temperament has a crucial effect on the success of the "doctor-patient" relationship, and eventual outcome of treatment.

Psychological considerations may include determining the presence of a learning disorder or a visual processing deficit despite the patient having "good eyesight." Further evaluation of aptitude, achievement and personality structure with objective testing may also be recommended.

The Social Component

The Social component refers to:
  • Quality of life measures
  • Relationship factors in partner, family, friendships, and in work settings
  • Religion
  • Culture and traditions
Symptoms impact relationships on levels of intimacy (parent-child, adult-adult), siblings and family structure, workplace, friendships and social ventures such as hobbies and interests.

Human beings are "social" creatures and our success at finding a comfortable environment in which to live a "quality of life" is a critical part of determining a successful treatment plan.

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Complementary and Holistic Therapy

Dr. Robert Kohn often uses a Complementary, Integrative Approach in his Treatment Plans. Brain wave therapy (Neurofeedback Therapy) is an example of a complementary therapy that may be added to the prescription or supplements the patient is taking.

When carefully considering the various complementary therapies for a patient, Dr. Kohn will discuss with the patient their experience and perception of areas such as Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture and Nutritional therapies (i.e. gluten and casein free diet, food allergy testing).

The Alternative or Complementary approach includes evaluating the risk and benefit of herbal supplements, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. For example, he may use L-methylfolate (a form of vitamin B) along with a patient's prescription medication to help treat Depression or add minerals from the Pfeiffer Clinic to treat Pyroluria.

The Kohn Integrative Medical Group

More information about Dr. Bernadette Kohn's Integrative Medical Practice can be found here: The Kohn Integrative Medical Group

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