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Traumatic Brain Injury

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

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Traumatic Brain Injury refers to an acquired injury to the brain. The condition often results from an accident - motor vehicle, bicycle, fall, explosion, etc.

What Are the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Listen to Dr. Kohn, on TBI. The injury may result in a temporary, mild loss of attention skills, headache and mood symptoms. Some injuries may result in a more severe and permanent change in areas of motor skills, mood, motivation, pain and personality.

The range of mild to severe brain injury is often misleading. Even a mild injury that does not cause motor paralysis or severe memory loss may indeed impair the ability to function at one's job, in a relationship, and to live life at the same level that one is accustomed to. This results in a broad range of symptoms and difficulties spanning changes in mood, drive, self fulfillment, concentration and stamina.

How can Dr. Kohn help you?

Dr. Kohn uses a variety of evaluation forms and both Assessment and Treatment Tools in his Practice. He uses a Holistic view of the patient and the problem. Dr. Kohn uses a Biological-Psychological-Social framework to assess your symptoms because he knows that the proper diagnosis leads to proper treatment. The use of the Brain SPECT Scan, QEEG and EEG are an important part of the accurate evaluation process. DTI studies with MRI are sometimes recommended.

Please click on this link to see actual case-study images from the brain SPECT scan: Brain SPECT Scan Patient Studies. You may click on each link with initials to see the SPECT scan images.

A treatment plan is designed to help you feel better and be better able to function in the world.

Traumatic Brain Injury treatment with medication requires a thorough evaluation of symptoms and the entire bio-psycho-social model in choosing medication. Often a combination of medication to improve attention processing with memory is used once the behavior and mood problems have stabilized.

In many cases of mild TBI, attention may be improved with medication that is used to treat ADHD, memory may be improved with Amantadine or Aricept or Exelon or Reminyl. Mood and behavior problems may improve greatly with the use of an anticonvulsant (Depakote, Trileptal, Carbamezapine, etc.) and an appropriate anti-depressant.

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